Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fact of the Day: Nutcracker

It's funny how a nutcracker was initially intended to be used solely as a device to aid in breaking the hard shell of a nut or dry fruit. At least that was the main purpose back in the 15th century. While nutcrackers are still has this functionality, it's more of a home decoration nowadays, synonymous with the Christmas holiday.

Fact of the day:

Did you know that humans actually began eating nuts in the prehistoric time period?

During this time, they faced a huge problem in breaking open the shell of the nut. Most likely, the first tool used to crack open the nut or dry fruit was a rock, but using a rock came with a price. While it did break the nuts shell, it also smashed the kernel, which is the edible part, which then got mixed in with the broken shell.

With modern day technology, a simple instrument such as the nutcracker are continually improved so that it can more effectively crack the nut shell without destroying the kernel. Occasionally, the nutcracker still smashes the kernel, but we definitely came a long way since the prehistoric time period.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

The One-of-a-Kind "G.Debrekht"

Gentle Journey
When it comes to Christmas, the first thought on most people's minds are either gifts or Christianity. When the term "Christmas presents" is spoken, what comes to mind is none other than Jolly Ol' Saint Nicolas - aka Santa Claus. World To Home is the premier purveyor of artisan and luxury Christmas goods for both gifting and harbingers of holiday cheer. 

When it comes to Santas, there is no other that creates the iconic St. Nicolas like the artists of G. DeBrekht artistic studios. Focusing on the classic Russian depiction of Santa from traditional Russian paintings, DeBrekht studios brings to the world handcrafted, unique, one-of-a-kind Russian Santas.

Both their wooden Santas and their ornaments are hand-made, hand-carved, hand-painted, and one-of-a-
kind pieces that are priceless and will be the cornerstone of all your Christmas decorations for years to come, so it's an easy investment to make.

DeBrekht pieces are high-quality pieces admired by people around the world, so it's no wonder the name "DeBrekht" is synonymous with beautiful, artisan wooden Santas.

Make DeBrekht carved, wooden Santas and hand-crafted, hand-painted ornaments part of your Christmas traditions this year. They are guaranteed to be ingrained into all Christmases to follow!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Christmas Decorations Ideas!

Let's bring some liveliness to your house this holiday season with a few luxurious Christmas decorations.

Here are some of our holiday home-decorating ideas to help bring joy and excitement to this holiday season. Add some evergreen color to really bring out the Christmas feeling within your household; these Preserved Holiday Decorations that surely can do the trick. Try placing them next to a white wall, door, or even surface, which can really help it accent its greenery.

Steinbach Ornament White Santa Wooden Christmas

There nothing wrong in sticking with the same ornaments you usually use, such as vintage glass ornament balls but, every now and then, try spicing it up with a few different ones, like perhaps a Steinbach ornament, which are cute and beautifully design little wooden figures.

With technology nowadays, it's easy to just play your music with your smartphones or mp3 player, but it’s nice to let yourself try something a bit more classy sometimes, that can also really help preserve the good old days of Christmas. We have musical holiday radios and musical record players that will surely be able to bring that old-fashioned charm. Did I also mention these make great holiday
home decoration items too?

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

G.Debrekht for the Best Christmas Home Decor

Grizzly Bear Carved Santa

G.Debrekht  Sculpture are a serious work of art, with wonderful pieces from their collections of Santas ranging all the way to snowmen. We are positive that each sculpture comes with its individual charm that you certainly can't pass up.

G.Debrekht artists, whether it's from the United States, Russia, or from a another part of the world, use old-fashioned handcrafting technique mix with modern technology to give a high quality art that only can be accomplished by G.Debrekht artistic studios.

World To Home provides a great section of unique gifts that includes some of the best holiday gifts you can find anywhere. Our wooden figurines of the G.Debrekht Santas are certainly an interesting collection that you should check out if you're in the search of Christmas home decor.

In addition, do check out our unique Christmas gift section that includes German Steinbach Nutcracker, Steinbach ornaments, and many more unique holiday gifts/home decorations.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nutcrackers Bring Christmas Cheer and Fortune

Steinbach Nutcracker Musical Pianist German

The traditional Steinbach Nutcrackers comes in all different kinds of themes, from royal kings to the famous Jolly Old Saint Nicholas "Santa Claus". The origins of the nutcrackers began in the Alpine regions of Germany. Many of the stories tell that nutcrackers possess a fascinating power that can bring good fortune and protect the ones who possess it from evil spirits. Through stories and legends, they have been made famous throughout the world. These nutcrackers have even been made well-known in movies and many children's fairy tales.

Each uniquely designed Steinbach Nutcracker has been hand-carved with tremendous detail, making it an ideal item for collecting and perhaps even merit some value one day (if it has been in the proper care). Do not let the price steer you away; each handcrafted nutcracker is considered a solid masterpiece that can truly last for the years to come. Not only are they great for collecting, they make a fantastic Christmas home interior decoration that really amplify the holiday ambiance.  

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Makes for The Best Christmas Gifts

Christmas is one of the greatest time of the year where the whole idea of the holiday is to get together with your family and present your loving family members with a special gift. For some people, this may be the happiest time of the year; for others, it's the one time of the year where, perhaps, your family can sit together and enjoy each other's company.

I know what you're thinking - this is only the start of the summer and I'm already talking about Christmas which is nearly five and half months away! "Why bother trying to get anything now?" you might be thinking. Well, it's never too early to start searching for unique Christmas gifts or Christmas home decor for all your Christmas season holiday get together. We all know how hectic the holiday shopping season can get, especially at the physical brick-and-mortar retailers, which is all lines and pandemonium. Furthermore, things get sold out especially quickly around the holidays as people make their last minute scrambles to get that perfect gift.

For some of us, the Christmas holiday season is the time where some of our most cherished memories are made. So, let's make it count by giving our home decor this year a heartwarming and holiday environment to really get the Christmas spirit up, especially if you have to brave the holiday shopping crowds! Ho ho ho...

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make Your Calls in Style with Antique Telephones

It wasn't very long before each and every one of us forgot that such a thing as a physical landline phone even ever existed within all of our homes. Perhaps you have long gotten rid of that old thing that was just collecting dust and taking up space - forgotten as technology whizzed by, leaving it far behind.

With technological advancement continuously surrounding us, we are now able to carry around a mini computer (in the form of a cellular smartphone) within the palm of our hand or pocket. The cell phone has pretty much became an integral part of our everyday lives and we find little to no use for a home telephone anymore - but what if I told you that wasn't entirely true? Something that has seen its time in the limelight and is just out-of-date will eventually gets lost in oblivion, while other times, certain things - with the "it" quality  - get brought back. Retro trends, which is the practice of reviving things from the past, has become more and more popular over the last few years. Having said that, a lot of things that were once thought to be outdated and obsolete has become quite cool to have, such as antique telephones.

These old-fashioned telephone are retro-inspired and have the iconic look of the telephones of yore with the advantages of modern technology so it still retains its charming old-fashioned aesthetics. What makes these telephones so special is that they are fully functional, meaning you can call and receive incoming calls with pristine sound quality. Each one is crafted with high quality material and a push button dial in a rotary fashion plate.

Antiques telephone can look great just about anywhere, especially if you have a old-fashioned style or elegant room.

Now you can have a fully functional telephone with an iconic design, made with high grade materials so you can rock an old-fashioned style that will definitely be a eye-catcher conversation-starter.    

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lets Dress Those Walls of Yours with Beautiful Decorative Mirrors

It’s time to dress those walls of yours with decorative mirrors! With decorative mirrors, you'll be able to make your room feel brighter and make the space look bigger. By placing them on the walls, your existing home decor can essentially become more visually stunning to look at. That being said, in a way, the mirrors themselves are just interesting to look at.

Our beautifully-crafted mirrors are able to be placed just about anywhere - bathrooms, living rooms, dinning, rooms, and many more. They are able to bring the style you want in an affordable price. We carry some of the finest and most elegant decorative mirrors to be seen yet. We categorize them by colors and shape. Each and every one of them carries a gorgeous and unique personality, bringing a totally unique vibe to your rooms. We have styles from classic decor to more fancy and/or bizarre-looking - all of them capable of grasping the attention of you and your guests.

Here are some of my personal favorites mirror categories:

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bring out the Charisma of Your Home Decor with Decorative Lamps

Decorative accent lamps add a whole new level of charisma to your personal home decor. Each lamp set out in your home, whether it's in your living or office room, can illustrate a huge visual impact. Not only can you perk up the aesthetics of your unique home interior decoration, they can also help express your own unique personality and creativity.

World To Home is always adding more unique products to fulfill everyone's desires and tastes, including our beautiful unique designer decorative lamps. We are definitely not afraid to say that we are proud to be able to present to everyone our huge and beautiful collection. Each lamp is crafted from only the highest quality materials.

The best part is our website is that it is made for anyone to navigate through with ease and efficiency. We have separated our decorative lamps into 21 different categories, to describe each lamp by its style, color, shape, material, or functionality. 

Here are some of our best-sellers and categories that we carry:

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