Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas and Holiday Party Décor

Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year! Family, food, decorations and best of all the presents! As you know nut crackers are an important decoration during the holiday season. From Santa Nutcrackers to cultural, army, and Wizard of Oz themes you are sure to find one to fit your needs at www.worldtohome.com. If nutcrackers aren’t your thing, these highly exclusive wooden Santa figurines will add life to your nativity set! Every limited edition G.DeBrekht sculpture is hand painted and one – of – a kind for your decorative needs. Feel free to browse around and look through our different holiday sculptures listed here:
  • Santa’s Toy Shoppe
  • Gentle Journey
  • Nativity Carved Angel
  • Sacred Unity Set of Four 

Following our unique wooden Santa’s, you might as well take a look at our popular Russian Stacking Dolls perfect for any seasonal decorations. With rich history, beautiful details, and vibrant colors these Russian nesting dolls are sure to catch attention. They come in either 3 pieces or 5 pieces and come in a variety of themes:
  • Santa Clause
  • Easter
  • Fairy Tales
  • Halloween

Last but not least, don’t forget about presents! Our most popular Christmas items are our life – size stuffed animals. They are unmistakable, cuddly, and life – like animals that warm the heart with every hug. Find yours now! There are multiple for you to choose from:
  • Mythological & Dinosaur Stuffed Animals
  • Large Bird Stuffed Animals
  • Large Ride – On Stuffed Animals 

Written By: Amanda Cadena

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Soft, Cuddly, and Cozy Life – Size Stuffed Animals

Super Soft, cuddly, and cozy life size stuffed animals make an adorable addition and gift to your children or significant other’s room. At worldtohome.com these animals are designed by professional artist to ensure complete happiness to anyone who receives this lovable gift. With the holidays around the

corner, these life sized look a likes will be the center of attention on anyone’s Christmas morning! These cuddle buddies are all unique and come straight out of their “natural habitat”. Each stuffed animal is made with love and is ready to wow their owner. Worldtohome.com has many for you to choose, anywhere from life size Mythological animals to Safari animals. Take a look and make someone’s Christmas morning unforgettable. 

Written By: Amanda Cadena

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Unique Bookends For Your Library or Loved Ones!

Pair Dancing Shoe Decorative Bookends

Colorful Chastain Bird Bookend

Thinking about adding more flare, sass, and personality to your library? Worldtohome.com has multiple stylish bookends to fit your needs whether it is marble, animals, or professional bookends. Bookshelves and libraries are usually in one part of your home or office so why not style them with decorative bookends? Either way you’ll find a great assortment that will add beauty and charm to any décor.  These unique bookends will also make the perfect gift for your friends or family members to add to their bookcases at home. These bookends might also spark creative ideas for yourself, friends or family to start decorative other parts of the home library with more unique products from worldtohome.com. Take a look!

Kids Dinosaur Decorative Bookends

Written By: Amanda Cadena

Friday, November 21, 2014

Vintage Crolsey Record Players

Crosley Mini Turntable - Red

Crosley Traveler Turntable - Black

Pack up your favorite vinyl’s, take the day off and head to your favorite relaxation spot with one of our vintage crosley record players. These record players have been uprising in popularity ever since the new hipster movement has taken effect. They continue to be considered a high end vintage product.  These portable record players make perfect for any occasion due to their easy portability. At worldtohome.com you can find various crosley record players in multiple colors, features, and styles.  Now go put down the iPod and experience the sweet s
ounds of the music coming from these beautiful unique devices. Go to the beach plan a bon fire or relax at home with friends while enjoying the warm rich and authentic sounds of a vinyl.

Written By: Amanda Cadena

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Collectable Chess Sets

Blue & White Alabaster Inlaid Chest Chess Set
Red & Black Alabaster Chest Chess Set
Chess has been around for centuries and known as a game of skill and strategy that is played all over the world.  It comes as no surprise as to why many people collect uniquely designed chess sets or play as a hobby. Collectors appreciate the origins, symbolism, and the preservation of antiques. Worldtohome.com is the perfect site for chess collectors because of the unique chess sets that the site has to offer. Each chess set and pieces are highly detailed and have heirloom – quality collectable features that collectors cannot pass up. Take a look at our luxury chess sets that include everything from rosewood to transparent chess sets and pieces. There are chess sets that any collector would appreciate, go ahead take a look!

Camelot Pewter Grey Briar Board Pewter Chessmen-Inlaid Board

Written By: Amanda Cadena

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas: Themed and Unique Chess Sets

John Deere Chess Set 
From Jack Daniels to King Arthur, worldtohome.com has themed chess sets to fit any personality. With the holiday season around the corner, you are probably thinking about gifts for your loved ones. If you have considered a chess set as a present, you’ll find that worldtohome.com has amazing themed chess sets. From different colors, styles, and themes, you can find any to match what you are looking for.  For instance, you can travel back in time to Pharaohs and Gods and look into our unique Egyptian chess set that includes painted resin men to mimic the Egyptian era. On the other hand, if your loved one enjoy hunting check out our John Deere chess set with highly detailed hand sculpted pieces matched with the famous John Deere logo. No matter which chess set  you decided to go with, our chess sets are all vintage and distinctively designed to impress anyone that has the opportunity to see one.

Written By: Amanda Cadena