Thursday, November 20, 2014

Collectable Chess Sets

Blue & White Alabaster Inlaid Chest Chess Set
Red & Black Alabaster Chest Chess Set
Chess has been around for centuries and known as a game of skill and strategy that is played all over the world.  It comes as no surprise as to why many people collect uniquely designed chess sets or play as a hobby. Collectors appreciate the origins, symbolism, and the preservation of antiques. is the perfect site for chess collectors because of the unique chess sets that the site has to offer. Each chess set and pieces are highly detailed and have heirloom – quality collectable features that collectors cannot pass up. Take a look at our luxury chess sets that include everything from rosewood to transparent chess sets and pieces. There are chess sets that any collector would appreciate, go ahead take a look!

Camelot Pewter Grey Briar Board Pewter Chessmen-Inlaid Board

Written By: Amanda Cadena

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