Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lighted Branches: Make It or Break It

Small 38in. 96 light Green Plum Tree Flower Branch Light

Lighting for a room can definitely make it or break it for a room, if that makes any sense at all. When it comes to making a decision to determine what type of lighting should go into a room, it can be a very crucial step, but, at the same time, you can make it opportunity to have fun with it. Lighted branches are great way to create accent or focal points in a room. It can bring out the uniqueness, draw attention where you want it, and, in the end, create that snug and comfortable feeling that most people seek.

Etched Branch Vase 15"

Also, let's not forget, the vases that are needed for housing the lighted branches. While many might overlook something so basic, a vase can really help enhance whatever flowers from nature or artificial floral lighted branches it ends up holding. These decorative vases certainly play a role in the appearance of a room. Even though it might be subtle, it should certainly not be disregarded.

At the end of the day, a branch without a vase might as well be a branch laying around - lacking purpose.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Mova Globes with a New Purpose

In this day and age, you might question yourself, "why get into globes - aren't they just for educational purposes?"

6" Antique Beige - Political Map Mova Globe

Or perhaps, if you wanted to utilize a map you would just use Google. While this is all very true - a globe can be used for educational reason and there are tons of digital images on the internet that shows different geography elements of the world - but, of course, the globe can be all of this and much more. A physical globe can be a art piece showcasing the beautiful landscape of the very world we stand and live upon. Mova globes incorporate solar-powered technology, enabling a silent rotating globe to spin with just light to power it.

The mova globe gives you a new imaginative reason to love your home decor again. We provide a  assortment of different types of globes from star-mapping constellation to satellite-view with clouds, each with its own very distinct characteristic. The globes also comes in different sizes 4.5, 6.0, 8.5 inches, all to fit into your very own home decor space.

For additional information on mova globe, please check out our video by clicking here: Mova Globes

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Essential Home Decor: Lamps

Slate Decorative Accent Lamp
Lights are one of the most essential and basic fixtures in home decor. It is crucial in function, and thus it's imperative to have a source of light in each one of our rooms in our homes. Why not make this necessity a luxury by picking out decorative lamp fixtures that truly showcases your personality and tastes from World To Home?

Since every room in your home - even spaces that are not rooms like hallways and walkways, closets, and outdoors - needs light to illuminate, why not take the opportunity to add fabulous accents to every corner of your home. Fill rooms, desks, and every dark nook and cranny with works of arts by selecting the appropriate design, structure, and size of your lamps.

A good way to start is by inserting a floor lamp or torchier in a room that isn't fitted with wired-in or pre-installed lighting fixtures. This ensures that that room will be adequately lit, so at the very least, you won't have to dwell in the darkness. Next, after dressing up your room in furnishing of your choice, select lamps that befit those furnishings, i.e. a desk or table lamp for your end tables or desks.

World To Home hosts a staggering selection of lamps to choose from:
·         floor lamp
·         table lamps
·         hurricane lamps
·         buffet lamps
·         accent lamp
·         square lamp
·         tall lamp
·         decorative lamps
·         rectangle lamp
·         end table lamps
·         torchiers
·         sphere lamps

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