Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Decorative Vases to make your home more elegant

Etched Branch Vase 11.5"

This week I'd like to introduce our much anticipated vase collection. Made from unique metal, glass and ceramic with designs that provide a beautiful display to accent any setting in your home. So if you're looking for decorative vases for you home, come check out World to and see what all the buzz is about!

Crackle Fusion Vase 16"

Amber Glow Vase 14"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some American classic phones for those vintage lovers

1950 Old Fashioned Silver Telephone
 For a while now I've always been fond of vintage style phones. There was just something about them that stood out and looked cool compared to the modern phones today. Nothing says awesome like a baby blue antique telephone from the 50s, even though it doesn't really match with the rest of the home decor in my room (I should have thought it through, I know, but it's still awesome). If there was one thing I didn't like about the retro phone though, it would have to be the wheel dial thing. It would just take so long to dial a number that by the time I was finished, I'd forgotten what I needed to say to the person I'm calling. 

1959 Princess Blue Antique Telephone
Now a days though, there are reproduction vintage phones that keep everything you love about them, minus the outdated tech. For example, the baby blue phone I mentioned earlier, it's got push button dials with volume control for the receiver and ringer. How awesome is that? So for those who love all things retro like me, World to has got a great selection.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spice up your home decor accessories with Mova Globes

I've always been a huge fan of Indiana Jones and ever since I was a kid I've always wanted an office that had some kind of archeology theme. Pictures of ancient artifacts, giant maps the size of the wall, cool looking globes, I wanted it all. As I got old though, the more I realized that it wouldn't look very nice, especially if I wanted to bring home a special lady. So as a solution to my childhood imagination I bought a Mova Globe Mova Globes are amazing solar powered rotating globes that rotate, spin, and move all on its own, from any light source. These light powered solar rotating globes are 4.5" and 8.5" in diameter which is small enough not to look tacky but big enough for you to admire from across the room.

4.5" Silver and Dark Blue Metallic Mova Globe

4.5" Satellite View of Earth with Gold Lettering Mova Globe

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Give your room a unique look with pussy willow light branches

While lounging around in my living room, sipping on a nice cup of coffee, I've always wondered what would be a nice subtle addition to it. Either a new painting or some furniture perhaps? Then it dawned on me, I wanted something that lit up at night. Nothing that was extremely bright, just something as bright as a nightlight but looked elegant at the same time. Lighted branches was my answer, pussy willow lights to be exact. 

Small 19in. 60 Light Pussy Willow Branch Lights

Large 38in. 80 Light Natural Pussy Willow

Popular in Eurpoe and Asia, pussy willow branch lights are beautiful florals with an elegant soft glow. Taking the idea of a fake flower to a whole new level with illumination. These lights are artistic in design, not to be hung from the ceiling like Christmas decorations. Not only are these lights beautiful and delicate but if grouped together in a vase, they act like their own glowing light. So if you're looking for a nice addition to your room, check out the lighted branch section at World to