Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spice up your home decor accessories with Mova Globes

I've always been a huge fan of Indiana Jones and ever since I was a kid I've always wanted an office that had some kind of archeology theme. Pictures of ancient artifacts, giant maps the size of the wall, cool looking globes, I wanted it all. As I got old though, the more I realized that it wouldn't look very nice, especially if I wanted to bring home a special lady. So as a solution to my childhood imagination I bought a Mova Globe Mova Globes are amazing solar powered rotating globes that rotate, spin, and move all on its own, from any light source. These light powered solar rotating globes are 4.5" and 8.5" in diameter which is small enough not to look tacky but big enough for you to admire from across the room.

4.5" Silver and Dark Blue Metallic Mova Globe

4.5" Satellite View of Earth with Gold Lettering Mova Globe

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