Sunday, June 22, 2014

Serving Your Every Need: Decorative, Marble, & Professional Bookends

Love books but just don’t know how to organize them onto your mantle? I’ve got the perfect idea. Decorative bookends from have a great selection and can add a bit of pizzazz to your personal touch and bookshelf. There are variety of categories that go by sizes, materials, and themes. The only question here is: which one is perfect for you?

You want to show off your prized selection of books that you’ve so effortlessly read and collected. At you can browse through our marble bookends, animal bookends, sports bookends, or bookends by profession. I bet you didn’t know they came so much variety?! Go ahead, take a peak and when you’re ready to choose one keep in mind that World to Home has the best assortment of unique
and decorative bookends for your everyday needs! 

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Unique Father’s Day Gifts: Mova Globes and Bases

The globe powered by solar energy and the earth’s magnetic field is as intriguing as it will ever be. Mova globes, “Mova” short for movement, rotate silently while you work in your office or do homework’s. It requires no batteries or power cords, solely the light of the sun. So if you’re looking for a piece of art to impress your guests or a gift for father’s day, check out Mova globes at  At World To Home Mova Globes come in a wide range of possible shapes, sizes and graphics. You or the lucky recipient of the globe will enjoy the state – of – the art lighting, touch, and wireless technology. If you would like more information on how these astonishing and unique globes work watch: Mova Globes.      

Also, if you would like to add more elegance, uniqueness, and class to your globe look through our wide selection of exclusive Mova Globe Bases. We have a variety of sizes and types (crystal and brass marble) to fit any theme. These bases are not only used to hold the already intriguing Mova globes but are also used to make an impression.  They are the perfect item to compliment your globe and work or home space. Once you’re ready to make your selections don’t forget to visit for the best prices and uniqueness. 

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Retro & Vintage: Antique Phones & Record Players

Loving the retro look? Your might find that antique phones are a must. They can fit perfectly onto any table top in the house and they are one of America’s favorite pastimes. But why limit yourself to one precious pastime when you can have two? At, you might find just what you’re looking for.

Enjoy a little pizzazz to your home by adding a record player to the living room. If you’re in the mood for some music that will take you back to favorite memories you might want to dust off those old albums and watch as the vinyl turns with the sound of the music. It will take you back to the days when there was no such thing as cassettes, CDs, or iPods. It will remind you of the days when records were cherished and thrown on when you and your parents wanted music to dance to. So when you’re ready to impress your guests and enjoy the sounds of the classics visit for retro needs. 

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wagging Tail Clocks - Unique Decor to Add Personality to Any Home

Unique, whimsical, and cleverly designed to catch the attention of anyone who encounters them; wagging tail clocks are the perfect item to decorate your home. These clocks are a real must have for the kitchen or family home. Dog and cat wagging tail clocks are a fun and adorable way to tell time.

If you are looking for authentic hand – crafted moving tail clocks, look no further because offers the most irresistible collection of animal tail clocks that come in a variety of wood and metal. These wagging tail clocks are made in the USA and a reminder of the classic Kit – Cat clock made in the 50’s. Unique and decorative wagging tail clocks are fun to watch, make great gifts, and are usually the center of attention anywhere they are placed. These unique decorations add some personality and fun to your home.

dalmation.jpgBe sure to check out our most popular items: the cat clocks with a wagging tail and the wagging tail dog clocks. You can find mostly any theme you are searching for on World to Home. For additional information of ideas on how to decorate with wagging tail clocks, look here:

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Must Have Decorations for the Holidays: Decorative Wooden Nutcrackers

12008.jpgNutcrackers have become a must have item for families across the nation. They are said to ward off evil spirits and dangers, bring good luck to your family, and protect your home. It is said that nutcrackers originated in the 1950’s when soldiers brought home soldier nutcrackers during World War II to protect them from evil. Since then, the practice of collecting nutcrackers has been a common tradition in the United States.

Nutcrackers are an important decoration item during the holiday season for many people. Decorative nutcrackers bring beautification, uniqueness, and holiday tradition all in one. has a variety of designs, bright colors, and themes that will suite your every need. Some examples include:
  • Animal Nutcrackers
  • Funny Christmas Nutcrackers
  • Cultural Nutcrackers

Whatever you are looking for, World to Home has it at great prices! You might find some enjoyment in decorating with the kids or sharing one as gift. For additional tips on how to decorate with metal wine sculptures or for additional information, learn here:

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Decorative Wine Bottle Holders, Caddy's, Sculptures

wine.jpgDo you love showing off your wine bottles when friends come over for a casual drink? Have you ever looked into adding more to your wine stories by investing into a wine caddy?

As a wine lover, you know that wine bottle holders are a better option than simply standing it on the counter. Wine corks must be kept damp to prevent them from drying out. A dry cork would shrink and allow oxygen to infuse the wine which would change the quality and flavor of the taste. The only problem is, that not many people know how versatile and decorative wine caddies can be!

wine1.jpgA metal wine holder is unique, fun, and can be a conversation starter for anyone who encounters them. At, you can find handmade and recycled steel sculptures that might make you laugh and say that you just have to have it! All of our wine bottle sculptures are in 12” tall to accommodate a variety of wine bottle sizes. They would also make a perfect gift for any wine lover.  
World to Home carries a variety of wine bottle sculptures/caddies that will fit to anyone’s personality. Check out our Professional Metal Wine Caddy’s and our Sport Metal Wine Sculptures for your enjoyment. Whether you’re browsing for wine bottle stoppers or wine holder accessories, you can find them all at for the best prices and uniqueness.

For additional tips on how to decorate with metal wine sculptures or for additional information, learn here:

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Brighten up your home with unique Pussy Willow Lights and Branch Lights perfect for any home

These unique home décor pussy willow lights and other lighted branches will be the center of attention in any household. Made popular in Europe, these lighted pussy willow branches have made quite an impact on unique home décor in the US. These beautiful branch lights are perfect for any occasion like parties, weddings, or as a unique accent in your home décor. The artistic design is made to be conveniently grouped together in a vase as an elegant center piece or placed in a corner to illuminate any room it is placed in.

With multiple designs to choose from, the beautiful LED lights will make a room stay lit for hours. There are 5 stems with a total of 80 branch lights that can bend to any shape or style for your convenience.  Get yours now at for an amazing price and a different styles to select from. This unique home decoration will make a lasting impression on both you and your guests. These branch lights are enough to make any home décor shine. Learn more about pussy willow lights here on Wikipedia.

We also have other models including willow branch lights, floral branch lights, outdoor branch lights, cherry blossom lights, and orchid lights, see them all here:

To add more to your creative decor please check out: 

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