Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wagging Tail Clocks - Unique Decor to Add Personality to Any Home

Unique, whimsical, and cleverly designed to catch the attention of anyone who encounters them; wagging tail clocks are the perfect item to decorate your home. These clocks are a real must have for the kitchen or family home. Dog and cat wagging tail clocks are a fun and adorable way to tell time.

If you are looking for authentic hand – crafted moving tail clocks, look no further because offers the most irresistible collection of animal tail clocks that come in a variety of wood and metal. These wagging tail clocks are made in the USA and a reminder of the classic Kit – Cat clock made in the 50’s. Unique and decorative wagging tail clocks are fun to watch, make great gifts, and are usually the center of attention anywhere they are placed. These unique decorations add some personality and fun to your home.

dalmation.jpgBe sure to check out our most popular items: the cat clocks with a wagging tail and the wagging tail dog clocks. You can find mostly any theme you are searching for on World to Home. For additional information of ideas on how to decorate with wagging tail clocks, look here:

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