Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Decorative Wine Bottle Holders, Caddy's, Sculptures

wine.jpgDo you love showing off your wine bottles when friends come over for a casual drink? Have you ever looked into adding more to your wine stories by investing into a wine caddy?

As a wine lover, you know that wine bottle holders are a better option than simply standing it on the counter. Wine corks must be kept damp to prevent them from drying out. A dry cork would shrink and allow oxygen to infuse the wine which would change the quality and flavor of the taste. The only problem is, that not many people know how versatile and decorative wine caddies can be!

wine1.jpgA metal wine holder is unique, fun, and can be a conversation starter for anyone who encounters them. At worldtohome.com, you can find handmade and recycled steel sculptures that might make you laugh and say that you just have to have it! All of our wine bottle sculptures are in 12” tall to accommodate a variety of wine bottle sizes. They would also make a perfect gift for any wine lover.  
World to Home carries a variety of wine bottle sculptures/caddies that will fit to anyone’s personality. Check out our Professional Metal Wine Caddy’s and our Sport Metal Wine Sculptures for your enjoyment. Whether you’re browsing for wine bottle stoppers or wine holder accessories, you can find them all at worldtohome.com for the best prices and uniqueness.

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