Friday, November 21, 2014

Vintage Crolsey Record Players

Crosley Mini Turntable - Red

Crosley Traveler Turntable - Black

Pack up your favorite vinyl’s, take the day off and head to your favorite relaxation spot with one of our vintage crosley record players. These record players have been uprising in popularity ever since the new hipster movement has taken effect. They continue to be considered a high end vintage product.  These portable record players make perfect for any occasion due to their easy portability. At you can find various crosley record players in multiple colors, features, and styles.  Now go put down the iPod and experience the sweet s
ounds of the music coming from these beautiful unique devices. Go to the beach plan a bon fire or relax at home with friends while enjoying the warm rich and authentic sounds of a vinyl.

Written By: Amanda Cadena

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