Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nutcrackers Bring Christmas Cheer and Fortune

Steinbach Nutcracker Musical Pianist German

The traditional Steinbach Nutcrackers comes in all different kinds of themes, from royal kings to the famous Jolly Old Saint Nicholas "Santa Claus". The origins of the nutcrackers began in the Alpine regions of Germany. Many of the stories tell that nutcrackers possess a fascinating power that can bring good fortune and protect the ones who possess it from evil spirits. Through stories and legends, they have been made famous throughout the world. These nutcrackers have even been made well-known in movies and many children's fairy tales.

Each uniquely designed Steinbach Nutcracker has been hand-carved with tremendous detail, making it an ideal item for collecting and perhaps even merit some value one day (if it has been in the proper care). Do not let the price steer you away; each handcrafted nutcracker is considered a solid masterpiece that can truly last for the years to come. Not only are they great for collecting, they make a fantastic Christmas home interior decoration that really amplify the holiday ambiance.  

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