Monday, June 24, 2013

The One-of-a-Kind "G.Debrekht"

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When it comes to Christmas, the first thought on most people's minds are either gifts or Christianity. When the term "Christmas presents" is spoken, what comes to mind is none other than Jolly Ol' Saint Nicolas - aka Santa Claus. World To Home is the premier purveyor of artisan and luxury Christmas goods for both gifting and harbingers of holiday cheer. 

When it comes to Santas, there is no other that creates the iconic St. Nicolas like the artists of G. DeBrekht artistic studios. Focusing on the classic Russian depiction of Santa from traditional Russian paintings, DeBrekht studios brings to the world handcrafted, unique, one-of-a-kind Russian Santas.

Both their wooden Santas and their ornaments are hand-made, hand-carved, hand-painted, and one-of-a-
kind pieces that are priceless and will be the cornerstone of all your Christmas decorations for years to come, so it's an easy investment to make.

DeBrekht pieces are high-quality pieces admired by people around the world, so it's no wonder the name "DeBrekht" is synonymous with beautiful, artisan wooden Santas.

Make DeBrekht carved, wooden Santas and hand-crafted, hand-painted ornaments part of your Christmas traditions this year. They are guaranteed to be ingrained into all Christmases to follow!

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