Monday, May 26, 2014

Antique Reproduction Phones – Hipster and Making a Comeback!

Have you recently had fascination with old phones because you stumbled upon one online, at a friend’s house, or at museum? That’s okay because antique phones have become the center of attention to many who have not forgotten the history behind these elegant communication devices.

PMTALEXISRD.jpg At, we have fully functioning replicas that you can purchase and use show off to your friends and family or just simply add to your home or office. The truth is, no matter where you place these captivating pieces of art you are bound to get a reaction to anyone who encounters them. World To Home has a wide selection and categories of unique, retro and vintage old phones for sale. These replicas were created to mirror our favorite classics that were made in the early 1900s to the 1970s. These classics are made from the highest quality materials and metals for an affordable price. So if you’re interested in looking for a replica of a 50’s style telephones you can look easily look through our American Classics or our Princess Phones. We also have those 70 style phone for your parents or for yourself!

These antique replica telephones were designed to bring back the trend that American families once referred to as “lovely” and “graceful”. We now refer to these phones as “retro” or “hipster”. No matter what adjectives are used to describe these phones, they are making a comeback. For more information an awesome ideas check out You might find the more ideas for the placement of your 50’s replica phone than what you initially had envisioned. You might also want to look through world to home’s colors, styles, materials for more of a vintage look to fit your personality.

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