Sunday, May 25, 2014

Antique Phones: A HOT Commodity for Your Home

Today antique phones are rare to find and are sought after by enthusiasts around the world. In addition to their uncommonness, certain styles, sizes, and materials are a rare commodity. Luckily, has different categories to meet your every need. You can find fully operational antique telephones for sale that range from on the wall to cordless telephones.

These telephones are replicas of old fashion phones from different eras. So if you are thinking of decorating with vintage items and you have a certain theme in mind, world to home has any type of old phone to match your vision. With technology rapidly advancing and cell phones becoming the norm, even to a 9 year old, retro telephones can provide a unique feel to your room. They are conversation starters, fun to use, and can help your overall look to your home. To begin searching for a unique style to fit your home, take a look through our reproduction antique telephones for sale. For more ideas and tips on how to decorate with a retro telephone, you may visit

On the other hand, if you are looking to purchase vintage phones as collectable items try looking through our “collectable telephone” category where you can find unique styles. We have phones for every personality. For instance, some of our features include:

  • Timeline Hello Kitty Phone
  • Neon Trimstyle Telephone
  • Nascar Phones

For more of that vintage feel, you can find a collection of our popular American Classic Phones range from the 1900’s – 1950’s. For more tips on how to decorate with vintage finds, you may also visit to see how different homeowners create timeless display collections with a low budget.

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