Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Use Mirrors to Improve Any Room

Mirrors are a great way to improve any room. Here at World to Home, we offer a wide selection of antique mirrors, as well as modern mirrors. Mirrors are not just for looking at. They have a broad range of decorative uses. Some mirrors, like the Winter View Decorative Silver Gold Antique Mirror, are even decorative by themselves. Here is a list of decorating tips for mirrors:
  • Large mirrors can be used to open up rooms by creating the illusion of a larger room. 
  • Put a mirror at the end of a hallway to create a dramatic effect, as well as giving the illusion of a longer hallway.
  • Place mirrors near an entry-way so that you can do a final checkup on yourself before leaving the house.
  • Use mirrors to reflect sunlight by placing them across from windows. The famous Hall of Mirrors  at the Versailles Palace does just this. The hallway stays brightly light; even on a cloudy day! 

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