Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Levitating Lamps for those sci-fi junkies

At last someone has invented a product that will satisfy my nerd rage and many others. World to has acquired some levitating lamps that was released not too long ago. The levitating lamp incorporates cutting edge technology with chic style to provide you with the most revolutionary home accent you'll see this year. 

Soft white light shines up into the levitating lamp shade by way of six white high density LEDs. The lamp shade hovers an amazing three centimeters off of the lamp itself. The 'antigravity' force that repels the shade from the base is magnetism. Both the levitating shade and the base are magnetized, but oppositely. The principle is that two similar poles repel and that two opposite poles attract, with forces that are stronger when the poles are closer. Pretty cool huh? So if you're looking for a home decor accessory that'll give your room a cool sci-fi feel to it, come check it out at World to

Magnetic Levitating Lamp

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