Friday, February 3, 2012

World To Home Mova Globes

World To Home is pleased to offer you the most complete assortment of Mova Globes available on the market. There is a vast array of different Mova Globe graphics you can choose from, each with its own unique style. The original Mova globe offers classic blue colors in traditional political or topographic form. The political map distinguishes countries by border, and indicates major cities and capitals of ever country. The topographic map, rather than show country borders, displays the varying elevations of landmasses, such as mountains or valleys. An alternative to the blue political Mova globe is the Antique Beige, which still displays a political map, but on a beige background instead. The Antique Beige globe is a popular rendition of “Old World” globes.
In addition to political and topographic Mova Globes, World To Home offers the satellite view series of globe as well. The Natural View of Earth globe gives a very realistic image of earth’s landmasses as they would be seen from space. The Natural View with Clouds globe displays very realistic cloud cover and weather patterns, exactly as an astronaut might see our planet from space. Both of these globes are very popular as they provide a unique take on typical globes, since they show no borders or political affiliations at all.  
The final two unique styles of Mova globe are the Starmap globe and the Metallic globe. The Starmap is special in that rather than displaying the earth, it shows many of the various star constellations to be found in the sky. Each constellation is set in silver, on top of a black background. Each constellation includes its name, as well as what particular shape it is supposed to form. The Metallic globe offers a unique color combination on the classic political Mova Globe. Each continent is displayed in silver, against a dark blue background that provides a creative and distinct globe that is quite a show piece. 

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